The Secret Tale (Making of)

This WoW Machinima was made using a program called WoW Model Viewer for editing the game characters and creatures.

This program can be downloaded at this address:

(OBS: It´s important that the program has the same version of your game)

After making the characters and creatures animations, I recorded it with FRAPS. It can be found here:

(You must have a pure green or blue screen behind your character before recording your animation).

Than, I logged on WoW and used WoW Machinima Tool for making the free camera movements and angles. You can download it here:

(It also must be on the same version of your game. Just be careful were you´re using it, because you can be banned from some private servers because of it).

After I choose my angles, I recorded the scene with FRAPS.

After the recording. I joined both shoots on Sony Vegas, using the effect Chroma Key

Let your imagination flow!

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